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Concussions can be scary. They can be overwhelming. And they can be lonely. Initially you may feel as though you’re in a dark spot, but we are here to bring color back to your life!

Did you know that a mere 7-10 years ago, absolute rest in a dark room, with no physical and/or cognitive stimulation until symptoms subsided was the widely accepted treatment protocol for a concussion? However, recent research demonstrates that this is one of the worst things one can do, whereby increased time without cognitive and physical activity is now shown to be detrimental to recovery? But, it must be done in a targeted and gradual way. In addition to this, concussion rehabilitation needs to consider anti-inflammatory measures, the vestibular and visual systems, as well as the neck! (Yes your neck could be flaring up those headaches!)

Running Shoe Restorative Healthcare is home of the Calgary Concussion Centre!  Our trained concussion specialists are on standby, ready to provide the education and tools to allow you to to get back to living your best life!

Bend down to pick up a box, only to feel a sharp pain in your back on the way up? Does your back seize up when you lean over to tie your shoe? Pesky numbness/tingling down your leg when you’re slouched over at your desk?

One of the most common forms of Low Back Pain involves degeneration of the rubber-like discs found between bones of the spine. Normally, discs act as a shock absorber and prevent bone on bone friction during movement of + compression through the spine.

Think of a disc like a water-balloon. When you press on it, the liquid moves in the opposite direction. Similarly, bones above and below a disc are continually applying compressive forces to the disc in between. Over time, this can cause contents of the disc to bulge outward, provoking pain. As bulging progresses, contents of the disc may begin to impinge upon spinal nerves leading to symptoms of sciatica.

Because we are predisposed to bending forward, we progressively cause compression through the front of discs – causing contents to bulge backwards. McKenzie Extension exercises are thus meant to counter this by pushing the contents of the bulge in the opposite direction.

For these variations, repetitively arch backwards 20x every waking hour. Hold each rep for 1-2 seconds before returning to starting position. When performing these exercises, it is important to do so in a pain-free range.

1️⃣: If you’re in a great deal of pain or can’t get down to the ground, start in standing: Place hands on hips as you arch backwards.

2️⃣: If you can get down to the ground, prop yourself up on your forearms as you arch backwards.

3️⃣: Once you can perform stage 2 with no pain, increase backwards arching by straightening out the elbows.

Note: these exercises are intended for posterior lumbar disc dysfunction (“degenerative disc disease” & “herniated/bulged disc”). Individuals with pain that worsens with extension require a different line of treatment, and this exercise should be avoided. Check with your health provider if unsure.

Written by Running Shoe Inc.

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