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Why Get Pedorthic Treatment?

A certified pedorthist is an expert in not just feet, but lower limb anatomy, muscles, and joints. Your pedorthist can help diagnose, treat, and manage a number of issues like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, shin splints, and foot injuries. Depending on your issue, your pedorthist may recommend custom foot orthotics, compression socks, braces, specialized footwear, or lifestyle adjustments to reduce pain and improve function.

The Pedorthics Process

We begin with a full assessment of your lower extremity injury, pain or concern. This includes a comprehensive gait analysis, biomechanical examination, and musculoskeletal assessment. Be prepared to discuss any past injuries, medical history, and any medications you take, so we have a full understanding of your health. We’ll also discuss your goals from treatment and how we can help optimize your quality of life.

After assessment, your certified pedorthist will recommend the right treatment or management program for you. Your treatment will vary depending on your condition, but it can include custom treatments like foot orthotics and/or compression socks. Your pedothist may also recommend management techniques like lifestyle adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certified pedorthists do more than just make orthotics. To become a pedorthist, you must have an undergrad degree in movement science as well as at least 2 to 3 years of additional training. Pedorthists are experts in lower limb anatomy and biomechanics, allowing them to diagnose and treat a variety of foot issues, lower limb problems, injuries, and abnormalities.

If you are paying for orthotics or compression socks through insurance, you’ll need a doctor’s referral to qualify for insurance coverage. If you are paying out-of-pocket, you do not need a referral.

Many health insurance plans have coverage for pedorthic services like custom foot orthotics, orthopedic footwear, modified footwear, custom footwear, and compression socks. All insurance plans are different, so you should confirm coverage with your provider. If you do have insurance coverage, you will need a doctor’s referral to qualify.

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