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We proudly offer virtual visits as an option for clients!

As a member of the Running Shoe Community, you are never bound to strictly virtual or strictly in-person visits; we are supportive of hybrid treatment plans that work best for you!

  • Those who are currently self-isolating for health reasons
  • Those who cannot drive in for their in-person session due to inclement weather
  • Those who cannot make it to their in-person appointments due to being stuck at work
  • Those who cannot make it to their in-person session due to feeling under the weather
  • Those for which travel is difficult
  • Those who have a computer, tablet, smart phone
  • Complex conditions where hands on treatment is required
  • Those who may be require the assistance of others for activities like balance and standing

What does a virtual visit mean?

Via video chat through our partners at PHZIO, our skilled team will first send you a few forms to fill out, so we can familiarize ourselves with your specific injury or areas of pain. Then, we will perform an assessment of your function and area of injury. Based on that, we can provide specific treatments that will help you alleviate your pain or discomfort. Throughout the sessions, any of the following are possible:

  • Subjective assessment
  • Movement Assessment to identify gross limitations or painful movement patterns
  • Active joint ROM
  • Prescription and coaching on specific corrective exercises and their progressions
  • Prescription and education on proper self-myofascial work
  • Application of home-based modalities such as NMES or TENs can be supported through education
  • Home and/or work space ergonomics
  • Sporting equipment fitting guidance
  • Support, guidance and education for caregivers

Frequently Asked Questions

While in person treatments have their place, we can effectively treat a wide range of conditions like ankles, knees, hips, backs, shoulders, elbows, hands and wrists, and necks through education, exercises, and other simple things that can be done from the comfort of your own home. If ever we discover that more in-depth treatment is required, we will make some recommendations for you to come in to the clinic.

No! You don’t need any special equipment – As long as you have a smartphone, ipad, or computer you’re good to go. There’s nothing to install, setup, or download. We will send you your appointment link by email. You just click on it and it instantly takes you to a secure website where you will meet your clinician. It’s that easy!

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Our clinic is located behind the Peter Lougheed Hospital, in the same complex as London Drugs and TD Bank off of 32 Avenue.

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