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Is Chronic Pain a Disability in Canada?

A woman with one hand on the couch for support and the other on her lower back as she experiences chronic pain while standing up.

In the intricate landscape of Canadian health and disability law, the subject of chronic pain is complicated and evolving. Recognized for its profound impact on individuals’ lives, chronic pain’s classification as a disability is not always straightforward due to its invisible and subjective nature. If a person’s chronic pain prevents them from performing the essential […]

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Chronic Pain Injection Treatment: What to Expect?

A medical procedures giving intramuscular shot injection of medicinal preparation drug in arm of older adult patient

While living with any level of pain is a challenge, chronic pain can feel like a continuous battle – one that can seem to have no end in sight. It often prevents individuals from enjoying day-to-day activities and can affect their overall health.  For many patients, traditional oral medications may not provide sufficient relief, and […]

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Is Physiotherapy Covered by Alberta Health Insurance?

A physiotherapist doing treatment on a male patient

Physiotherapy involves working with a trained and caring professional while you undergo a customized program designed to restore mobility, strength, balance, and function to several areas of the body that may have experienced some form of trauma, pain or injury. But is this covered by Alberta health insurance? Unfortunately, physiotherapy generally isn’t covered under the […]

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