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Is Physiotherapy Good for Lower Back Pain?

A close-up of a man lying on a physiotherapy bed sideways is getting treatment for his back pain.

A paramedical service that can help to treat both injuries and chronic pain, physiotherapy is often associated with treatment of sports injuries, work-related injuries, overuse injuries, and injuries from car accidents. One of the main recommendations and first lines of treatment for relief from lower back pain is physiotherapy. Getting treatment from a physiotherapist might […]

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Can a Chiropractor Help With Posture?

A male chiropractor is doing posture correction with her patient with a curvature spine.

Chiropractors are medical professionals who can help us maintain good physical health without medications or invasive techniques. One of the primary ways they do this is through the gentle manipulation of muscle bone, and joints in our bodies. A significant component of a healthy musculoskeletal system is posture, something your chiropractor can help with. Muscle […]

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Do You Need a Doctor’s Note for Physiotherapy Referral in Alberta?

a man lies on a table with an arm behind his back. a physiotherapist presses on his shouler

Physiotherapy is a common practice in the sports world. However, it’s not only for athletes or those with sports injuries. Most other people can benefit from this non-invasive treatment for all sorts of injuries and for pain management, mitigation, and relief. Like many other paramedical services, such as massage therapy or chiropractic care, a person […]

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Compression Socks for Blood Flow

Compression socks offer several health benefits—not only to your feet and legs, but your entire body, too. The compression therapy offered by properly constructed compression socks applies gentle pressure to your legs, ankles, and feet, promoting blood flow from your legs to your heart. Compression socks can also help to reduce pain and swelling in your […]

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Tight hamstrings after a week full of sitting at your desk? Release those babies! Active tissue releases can be easily implemented at home, using a ball and firm surface. (Increasing the density or “hardness” of the ball + surface will increase the intensity of the release) 1️⃣ Sit up nice and tall and place a […]

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Levator Scapulae

Located on both sides of the back of your neck, this muscle is a common culprit in neck and upper back pain, stiffness/reduced mobility, and headaches. It’s main function is to raise the shoulder blades during movements such as shrugging your shoulders. However, it can easily be irritated, leading to a major pain in the […]

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Individuals with tight calves are more susceptible to injuries such as Calf Strains, Ankle Sprains, Achilles tendonitis/Tears, and Plantar Fasciitis. But! Did you know that the calf is actually comprised of 2 major muscles, each requiring its own unique stretch? Many individuals have familiarity with stretching the larger, more superficial gastrocnemius muscle. However, the deeply […]

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