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Levator Scapulae

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Located on both sides of the back of your neck, this muscle is a common culprit in neck and upper back pain, stiffness/reduced mobility, and headaches.

It’s main function is to raise the shoulder blades during movements such as shrugging your shoulders. However, it can easily be irritated, leading to a major pain in the neck!

Common causes of Lev Scap irritation:
🟠 individuals with poor sitting posture
🟠extensive desk/computer-work
🟠stress + anxiety
🟠traumatic injuries such as whiplash or strains, often occurring during motor vehicle accidents, sports collisions, and falls
🟠repetitive overhead movements of the arm (racquet sports, swimming)
🟠carrying a bag/backpack over your shoulders

Stretch that little guy out!
1️⃣ Sit up nice and tall and place the hand of the side you are stretching behind your back. (ie if stretching the left Lev Scap, place the left hand behind your back)
2️⃣ Turn your head 45 degrees in the opposite direction (ie if stretching the left Lev Scap, turn head towards the right)
3️⃣ Place your available hand on the back of your head and direct a downward pressure along this plane (Ie bring your nose towards your armpit)
4️⃣ Hold x 20 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

Written by Running Shoe Inc.

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