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What is Functional Video Analysis?

Functional video analysis is a technique we use to measure how you move. We use Curv AI and Footmaxx, video analysis technologies that analyze movements like running and squatting to pinpoint sources of movement inefficiencies or pain. With this information, we can help maximize sports performance and reduce the chance of injury.

Who Can Benefit From Functional Video Analysis?

Both athletes and non-athletes can benefit from functional video analysis. Functional video analysis can help anyone who wants to:

  • Improve sports performance
  • Reduce the chance of injury
  • Increase strength and power
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion

How Does Functional Video Analysis Work?

We will record you performing functional movements like walking, running, and squatting. The video is then analyzed using Curv AI and FootMaxx, our video analysis technologies. These programs take dozens of measurements to determine the exact angles of your movement.

With this information, we can detect functional movement issues like asymmetry, hyperextension, and misalignment. After identifying the movement issue or issues, we can create a more effective treatment or training plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Functional movement is the ability to complete routine, everyday movements safely and efficiently. This includes movements like lunges, squats, and running. For athletes, functional movement might be specific to the sport and include movements like kicking, jumping, or swinging your arms.

Depending on your needs, we will create a plan to correct your functional movement. Your treatment plan may include physiotherapy or chiropractic to correct any issues and realign your body. A referral to a pedorthist may also be recommended for further assessment of your lower limbs or for treatments like custom orthotics.

No human is perfect, and many factors influence how we move. Body proportions, habits, injuries, and even illness can impact our movement. For athletes, you may have been taught a motion using improper technique or may be compensating for an injury. In some cases, even a slight change can improve power, strength, and efficiency.

In other cases, the movement issue might be caused by a past injury or illness that decreases our range of motion or flexibility. Some examples can include joint injury or arthritis. Like many of us slouch at our desk, there are other ways we can “slouch” or cut corners in our everyday movement.

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