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What is Exercise 101?

Exercise 101 is a personal training program designed specifically for those who are introducing or re-introducing exercise to their life. The 4-week program is done one-on-one with you and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Every individualized program is tailored to you and your needs to build the foundation you need to exercise successfully, consistently, and safely.

Who is This Program for?

Anyone who is looking to start or re-start exercising can benefit from this program. Exercise 101 could work for you if you are:

  • Starting to exercise
  • Reintroducing exercise after a long break
  • Struggling with consistency in your exercise routine
  • Unsure how to start exercising



How We Measure Success

This program is highly personalized, so how we measure success will be too. Every program is tailored to your unique goals, abilities, and interests. Success is based on what you and your Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist identify as important.

This can include confidence with exercise equipment, knowledge about proper technique, measurements of cardiovascular fitness, increases in strength and mobility, or incorporating exercise in your day-to-day life. By the end of the program, you should have the skills and confidence to continue exercising consistently and safely.


Program Schedule

In the first week, we will focus on creating your exercise plan. You and your Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist will discuss your goals and do a functional assessment.

Both your goals and your functional assessment are used to create your personalized monthly exercise plan. Your plan will include exercises for you to do at home, as well as guidance on how to warm up and cool down.

In week 2, we’ll introduce you to various types of exercise equipment. We’ll show you how to use each piece of equipment safely and how to incorporate them into your exercise routine.

The third week’s meeting is a personal training session based on your personalized exercise plan. Your Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist will be there with you as you work out to make sure you’re completing the exercises safely and effectively.

Week 4 is another personal training session. It’s an opportunity for you to continue building on your new exercise skills as well as ask any questions that will help you maintain your exercise routine.



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