Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Pedorthics, & Concussion Management in Calgary

/rəˈstôrədiv/: the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being.

How We Help Restore Your Way of Life

Everyone needs a great pair of running shoes to take them where they need to go. We don’t provide the shoes, but we do provide the tools, expertise, and education to help you move and feel your best in those shoes. Through tailored treatments in Calgary, we can minimize pain and maximize your body’s ability to move and perform.


Whether you’re rebuilding strength following an injury or introducing exercise to your life, we give you the support and skills you need to feel stronger inside and out.

Holistic Health

We’re committed to working with you to create a well-rounded treatment plan, bringing in key health providers and treatments as needed.

Optimal Quality of Life

We want you to feel your best and optimize your quality of life. Through a tailored treatment plan, we will provide the expertise and tools to help you recover, rehabilitate, and manage your symptoms.

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Home of the Calgary Concussion Centre

There is more focus on concussions today than ever before and concussion research has gained immense attention in the past few years. We are committed to staying up to date on the latest findings and research so we can offer you the best concussion treatments possible. We focus on a thorough understanding of your concussion by fully assessing any signs and symptoms related to your injury. Then, we focus on education and a tailored treatment plan to empower you to overcome and manage your concussion symptoms.

Learn More About Concussions

Take Your Healthcare to the Next Level with Lumino Health

At Running Shoe Restorative Healthcare, we’re partnered with Lumino Health, a free and accessible online tool designed to empower you on your health journey. 

Together we aim to provide you with the virtual health solutions you need, whether it be access to valuable healthcare resources or connecting you with health and wellness institutions.

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Our clinic is located behind the Peter Lougheed Hospital, in the same complex as London Drugs and TD Bank off of 32 Avenue.

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