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Running Shoe Restorative Healthcare COVID-19 Safety Policy

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The health and safety of all clients, staff, and partners of Running Shoe Restorative Healthcare are our priority.  That’s why we are committed to the following policies and procedures regarding COVID-19:

  • All clients will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire prior to all appointments.  This will be emailed to you and must be returned within 24 hours of each appointment.  Please DO NOT enter the clinic if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, have travelled internationally within 14 days of your appointment, or have been in contact with someone with a known or probable diagnosis of COVID-19.  In the event of any of the above, you will not be permitted into the facility without a subsequent negative test result, or the completion of a 14-day isolation period.  However, we are happy to provide virtual treatments in the meantime!
  • All staff are screened prior to each shift.
  • The number of individuals in the clinic at one time will be limited to ensure safe distancing.  Please do not enter the facility before your appointment time.
  • Clients will be seen in private treatment areas to ensure safe distancing. Each area will be thoroughly sanitized after each patient.
  • A cleaning schedule has been established to ensure regular disinfecting of common surfaces
  • Staff must sanitize their hands upon entry into a treatment area and before/after contact with each patient.
  • Staff are responsible for disinfecting their treatment areas, charting areas, and equipment between each patient.
  • Clients will be asked to sanitize their hands as they enter and leave the clinic.
  • All staff are required to wear a mask, and have been educated on proper donning/doffing procedures as per AHS standards.
  • Clients are required to wear a mask while inside the facility. AHS instructions for proper donning/doffing will be displayed.  For those unable to bring a mask from home, we will have one available at the front desk.  For those not wanting to wear a mask, we are happy to provide virtual treatments!
  • Clients are asked to come alone to their appointments to limit the number of individuals in the clinic.  If you are a minor or require additional support from a family member or a caregiver, please inform the clinic of this at the time of booking.
  • Clients are asked to leave all their personal belonging at home or in their car, to limit what they bring into the facility.
  • A germ guard has been installed at the front desk to maintain a safe barrier between patients and patient experience coordinators.
  • All payments for service will be cashless. (Direct billing, contactless tap, email money transfer or safely store your credit card information on our secure system.)
  • Virtual appointments will be offered and encouraged when appropriate to reduce the number of patients in the clinic.

Written by Running Shoe Inc.

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