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Proprioception is a “sense” or awareness of body position, allowing us to perceive where a specific part of the body is in space.  For example, the ability to know your thumb is up or down, the ability to touch your finger to your nose, or knowing that your head is upright, all without having to look.  The specialized neurons responsible for proprioception are called proprioceptors, and they reside in muscles, tendons and joints of the body.

Proprioception is also one of the 3 major systems involved in balance (the other 2 being the visual system and the vestibular system).  When an injury occurs to a muscle, tendon, or a joint, impairment to the proprioceptors located within these structures leads to impairments in stability, as your body struggles to decipher where your injured joint is in space.

Cervical Joint Position Error Testing reflects a person’s ability to accurately return their head back to neutral position with eyes closed, thus relying on their proprioception.  This is often impaired following injuries such as whiplash, concussions, torticollis, neurological disorders, and other injury to the cervical spine.

If you’ve suffered a concussion or a neck injury, come on in for consultation today!

Written by Running Shoe Inc.

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