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Become a New Patient and Plant a Tree

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Running Shoe Restorative Healthcare has a goal of helping individuals live their most optimal lives.  For us, a healthy and functioning body allows for us to explore the great outdoors where that mountain air we breathe is a little crisper, cleaner, and fresher. 

We opened our doors during the height of wave 1 of the Global COVID19 Pandemic.  Learning about the growing number of individuals suffering from acute respiratory distress, and now seeing the emergence of “Long haul COVID” prolonged respiratory complications, coupled with simply having to wear a mask all day has made us really appreciate how much we took a simple breath for granted in the past.

We have combined this realization with our love for the great outdoors and have officially partnered with One Tree Planted!

For every new patient into our clinic, we will plant one tree into the earth! 

But, what good does One Tree accomplish?

  • Trees help clean the air we breathe by absorbing harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, and carbons from the atmosphere; and releases clean oxygen back in.  In fact, 1 mature tree can provide the daily oxygen for up to four people!  However, about 500 full-sized trees are needed to absorb the carbon dioxide produced by a typical car driven 20,000 km/year.
  • Studies show that trees and plants reduce stress and anxiety, thus allowing for improved breathing patterns and better prognosis with recovery
  • Trees help filter the water we drink through their intricate root systems
  • Trees provide habitat to over 80% of the worlds biodiversity including insects, fungi, moss, mammals and other plants, and vegetation.
  • Trees provide food
  • Forests provide over 1.6 billion jobs worldwide
  • Plants are key ingredients in ¼ pharmaceutical medications.  Many of our patients take Aspirin, but did you know that a major ingredient comes from the bark of a tree?

Written by Running Shoe Inc.

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